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Here are some names to search. If you want to sell products online two names to consider are Frank Kern or Jeff Walker. They are both multimillionaires due to the fact that they perfected something called a product launch.

If you want to learn internet marketing from the point of creating (or tweaking) a product, through the product launch and beyond – the whole nine yards, then I recommend you look into the work of Mike Filsaime and Anik Singal. These two internet millionaires know how to sell. They have each done $10 Million dollar launches mostly attributed to their innovative strategy called the Launch Tree.

The Launch Tree concept is all about maximizing profits after an initial sale. You want to sell products but a huge mistake internet marketers make is not thinking beyond the initial sale.

By using a launch tree you anticipate additional needs of your customer so you can offer them additional products immediately after their first purchase, this allows you to make more sales without having to attract more new customers.

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